Benefits of cooking in clay pot

Benefits of cooking in clay pot

Nowadays we cook in earthenware pots for picnics or some days we cook in earthen pots for pleasure. Many of us know that how delicious and incomparable the taste of meat, which is made in an earthenware pot; However, the reason for this taste is not just any spice, it is because of the clay pot.

But the people of earlier times used this earthenware for various purposes of daily life. Such Clay pots and pans were used for cooking, Food was eaten at home every day by earthen dishes and bowls, and Water was drunk by earthenware glasses.  Water was kept in earthen jars. In earlier times the use of pottery was widespread.

The use of earthen pots has been going on for ages, Ayurveda has strongly spoken about the use of earthen pots and their benefits. In these epics Ramayana, Mahabharata we have heard about the use of earthen pots.

In today’s society, earthen utensils have alternative things such as still, ceramic, silver, etc. so, the demand for earthenware has come down because alternatives items are available in the market at affordable prices, but its importance and benefits have did not decrease in any way. When cooked in earthenware pots, its taste is incomparable and its nutritional value is maintained.

When cooking in earthenware pots, the use of oil is much less than in other pots. Those who do not eat oily food will be able to easily cook delicious food through an earthenware pot. Food made in earthenware is very beneficial for those who have heart problems.

The soil contains alkaline elements and when cooked in these pots, nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sulfur, etc. are added to the food. These foods are easily digested, which is very beneficial for health. The biggest advantage of a clay pot is that the food does not lose its nutritional value while cooking in this pot. It is cooked slowly on low heat.

Many of us talk to our doctors about what vegetables, fruits, or daily meals we need to keep our body healthy and strong, but it is also important for us to know which utensils are more beneficial to cook. According to experts, food made from clay pots is very beneficial for health.

Especially biriyani made in a handi (earthen pot) or mutton is extremely popular in India. Champaran meat of Bihar is preparing in a clay pot and now famous in inter in world. You can get specially designed clay biriyani pot from our store which you can use to prepare delicious and authentic biriyani at home.

In today’s society, food cooked in these pots is beneficial for people to keep the body healthy. According to many people, the health of the people of earlier times did not have as many problems as the people of today.

Pottery items are also cheaper and more nutritious than steel, tin, ceramic utensils. As it is heat insulating, it makes the taste of food very delicious. Not only cooking but also keeping water in this pot is more beneficial for health than other utensils.

Cooking in a clay pot is not only has a variety of health benefits but also has a nice flavor.

Cooking in aluminum or steel utensils is faster than in clay, so we all use these. But for the sake of health, we should use earthenware pots. If you want to use an unglazed and pure earthen pot, you can start cooking in them after soaking those pots in water for some time.

Cooking in clay pots adds a variety of nutrients, such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, etc., and does not detract the nutrients in the food itself.

There is an old tradition of cooking in clay pots and there are different of many benefits so we should cook in earthenware pots. It is very good for our health.

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