‘Panchvaati’ is an online store for Terracotta Dolls. The Bengali Dolls are handmade and hand painted in West Bengal, India. A variety of these dolls depicting Gods and Goddesses of Hindu Mythology are available with us. All these dolls are made out of terracotta clay and hand painted with natural dyes and binders.

In Bengali culture, a Bengali dolls are made during the festival. This traditional Bengali doll is a handmade from terracotta clay and designed in a unique way to bring the charm of Bengali culture in your living room.

Panchvaati.com is an E-Commerce portal showcasing an exclusive range of Handmade Terracotta Home and Office decor products. Our terracotta products are manufactured in small-scale units using traditional methods and contemporary designs to cater to the lifestyle needs of our customers.

We are very proud to be associated with the craftsmen, who have been practicing this art for over two generations. The best quality raw material and uncompromising attention to detail are used to create products, which are then hand-painted and fired to achieve the desired finish. The raw clay, stone and glass products are treated with natural colorants and lacquers which are eco-friendly and non-polluting.