Burmese Ruby

Ruby is a precious and natural gemstone belongs to the Corundum family. In India, this gemstone is also called Manik. It is a hot gemstone and is found in two varieties of colour that are deep pink and blood red. The word ‘Ruby’ is taken from the Latin word ‘Ruber’, that is red. This gemstone is considered as one of the traditional as well as cardinal gems like Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond etc. and that makes the ruby price so high.

There are a number of varieties of ruby found from the mines in the world. But the most effective one of those is none but the rubies of Burma or the Burmese rubies.

Burmese ruby or the rubies found in Old Burma are the most sought after among all the varieties of ruby gemstone. Burma, now known as Myanmar, is an Asian country from the south-eastern region. The popularity of Burmese ruby is because its remarkable deep red and pigeon blood color.

They are popular also for their clarity of high quality that gives the rubies an unparalleled value in astrology. Though the name ‘Burma’ has long been abolished, the variety of rubies is still referred to as Burmese in the world of astrology. They are exceptionally rare and relatively expensive. So, from its rareness, one can easily guess how much is a Burmese ruby can be.

It is the gemstone of Sun, the king of Zodiac. Sun is the source of all our energy and vitality. So, wearing a Burmese ruby will give you the growth and success in professional life. You will be blessed with name, fame and a good status in the society.

People are often seen to google about the popular Burmese ruby price. We also have to face similar questions quite often like – How much is a Burmese ruby? or what is the price of a Burmese ruby gemstone? and so on. Records say that the Burmese rubies had been in demand for centuries and are still in demand.

 Unfortunately, according to some reports, those famous mines in Burma are now almost fully exhausted. That has made Burmese rubies rare and ever expensive. Sometimes, they are quite rarer even than a diamond. So, this always keeps their price up. The demand for Burmese rubies always surpasses their supply.

A Burmese ruby does not become automatically expensive just for its Burmese origin, but for its best quality. In, each and every stone is particularly examined on the basis of case by case. The quality depends on their color, saturation, cut, carat, clarity, treatment and some other quality factors.


The exceptional color quality of Burmese ruby is the main reason behind its being so expensive. Burmese rubies of deep and bright red colour always moves around the maximum value. There is no highest limit to a pigeon-blood Burmese ruby price. It can easily be sold even in millions. Quite a minor change in the color variation (from deep red to pink to reddish brown) can even lower the price of the Burmese ruby quite significantly.

However, nowadays, African rubies too have high rate in the market. A Burmese ruby price can move between Rs. 90,000 and 1,20,000 per carat and the Mozambique ruby can cost up to Rs. 90,000Thailand ruby is quite economical as its price does not exceed Rs. 5,000, while an Indian ruby is quite cheaper even than that.


Rubies from Burma never come without inclusions. In fact, inclusions in a natural Burmese ruby stone are quite obvious as the Burmese rubies without any inclusion do not practically exist in the market. Burmese ruby price per carat depends on its particular location, volume and type of inclusions as well. A deep red Burmese ruby with minimum inclusions can easily be sold between Rs. 1,00,000 and Rs. 1,20,000 per carat or even more in the market. But if you somehow come across an untreated Burmese ruby with almost no visible inclusions, you will have to be prepared for some serious expenditure.


Rough ruby is neither affordable nor easily accessible. So, the workers have to put great efforts to minimize the wastage while shaping or refining the rubies. If the quality and size meets each other very well, then a faceted cut Burmese ruby will cost more than a round-shaped or cabochon ruby.

Carat Weight

5 carats is equal to 1 gram. So, 1 carat of ruby is one fifth of a gram. Rubies above a certain weight of carats are geologically rare. That is why Burmese ruby price per carat has an exponential growth when going beyond two or more carats. Burmese ruby prices can vary even in the same range of its carat weight because of their color and clarity.


Sometimes, rubies are treated to enhance their perfection in color. However, an unheated or untreated Burmese ruby is always worthier than the treated one. So, it is best to demand an authentic certificate for origin, color and clarity of Burmese ruby gemstone from the gemstone dealers. It will help you to be assured about the quality and worth.

It can cure Peptic Ulcer, fever, rheumatism, gout etc. If you are a student and are taking preparation for the State or Central services examinations, then wearing a Burmese ruby might prove to be very helpful for you. Wearing a Burmese ruby can give you a much improved status in both the social and professional life. As Ruby is the gemstone of Sun, it will restore the vitality. A strong and improved relation between you and your father can also be assured. You should use Burmese ruby with Gold in the third finger of your right hand on Sunday.

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