Carnelian stone

Carnelian is a semi-precious gemstone belongs to the chalcedony mineral family. Its transparency can vary from clear to semi-opaque to highly translucent. It generally is red brown in colour. It also has a wide variety of ranges in colour which may vary from a pale orange to pink, or from grey to an intense dark or you can say almost black.

The Carnelian stone is considered as the stone of vitality, motivation, endurance, command and courage. As this gemstone represents the planet Mars, it will remove all of its malefic effects and rejuvenate your life with the auspicious ones. Carnelian stone restores stability, vitality and motivation, and helps in stimulating the creativity in you.

It will give you courage and promote a positive mindset. Wearing a Carnelian stone can make you highly motivated and eager to get success. It will make you strong, ambitious and determined towards your work. That will make you able to enjoy the prosperity you desired for, get benefited with new resources and good luck.

Carnelian stones are also believed to have several health benefits. Its remedial effects can be very beneficial for those who are suffering from rheumatism, fevers and other skin related problems. This gemstone is also very effective against arthritis and depression. If you are facing problems with your lower back, then wearing a Carnelian stone can treat that quite well.

It can be effective for regulating the function of kidneys and make fast progress in healing bones and ligaments. Carnelian stone improves vitamin and mineral intake and promotes good blood supply to organs and tissues. Carnelian stone can boost fertility and help in stimulating the sex organs so that you can enjoy the pleasure of a happy married life.

According to the Carnelian stone price, it is generally one of the least expensive and best-known varieties of chalcedony found till date. Most of the Carnelian stones used for commercial purpose are found from the mines in India though it is available in countries worldwide such as Brazil, Egypt, Siberia, Germany, Uruguay and many others.

Carnelian stone price differs according to its weight that is measured in carats or ratti. It will depend also on the treatments and quality that is its color, cut and clarity.

Astrologers with vast experience always prefer to tag Carnelian stone price according to their cut and colour combination. A pure Carnelian gemstone should have no internal cracks and should also develop a beautiful colour variation from orange to brownish orange.

The source of the color of Carnelian stone is Iron. So, as the iron is oxidized in heat, Carnelian stone can easily be treated with heat to the tone of dark red and the Carnelian stone price can fluctuate accordingly. Sources say that most of the dealers of gemstone sell heat-treated Carnelian stones that do not have any astrological as they are not very effective. So, if you want not to let your money wasted, make sure that you are being provided a certificate of tests for treatment from a trusted lab.

A pure Carnelian stone price in India moves between Rs. 600 per carat and rupees 1200 per carat above a certain weight. Astrology recommends that the best quality Carnelian stone price should be around Rs. 800 per carat.

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