Ceramic pots:

We are the manufacturer and wholesaler of handmade terracotta products. Our products are made from fine quality clay and other handmade products. Our terracotta products are very attractive as well as useful. We have a great variety of handmade terracotta products such as terracotta lamps, terracotta pots, terracotta candle holders, terracotta vases, terracotta bowls, terracotta flower pots, terracotta candle holders, terracotta tumblers, terracotta figurines, and many more.

These handcrafted Ceramic pots are a great way to store seeds and grains while adding a bit of rustic charm to your kitchen. Each of the eco-friendly pieces is painted with dabka designs and kiln-fired, making each piece truly unique.

These ceramic storage jars are perfect for storing all your favorite dry spices, lentils and other pantry essentials.

These are Ceramic pots with beautiful designs that will make you stand out from the crowd in your next party. They are unique and will give your home a beautiful look. These are handmade in India with quality clay that gives it a rustic look with a modern touch. The designs are hand-painted with vibrant colors and painted with lead-free paints. The actual product may vary slightly from the image shown in the listing.