clay dolls

The clay handicrafts industry of India is known to have been existed from the period of the prehistoric era. It is one of the oldest and widespread industries in the country. Its presence can be marked from the blue pottery of Jaipur, long coiled pottery of Manipur, glazed pottery of Khurja, etc. So our product made up of clay either it’s a skin product or attractive showpieces we provide you with every product which is based on older tradition. So what you are waiting for book now and grab this limited discount offer!!!

Clay dolls

The terracotta clay dolls are manufactured by our company using the finest quality of clay. It is a handmade product that comes under various colours and sizes and can be used for multiple purposes like decoration, gifting purposes, etc. These dolls are made up of the specialized polymer which adds a special fragrance to the clay doll.

These dolls are offered by our company at reasonable prices and are marked by their superior quality and unique designs. So make your child happy by gifting these clay dolls to them and make your house attractive for your guest.

Clay dolls of krishnanagar:

Clay dolls of krishnanagar is made of terracotta clay with a mix of natural paints. It has its own style and is handcrafted with a mix of natural paints. It has been famous for many decades for its artistic designs and its use in the decoration of houses, temples, and various other places. It has been a boon for all those who have a craze for collectibles. The best USP of this product is its artistic design and its long-lasting nature. This product is being manufactured by a reputed company which has been in the industry for a very long period of time. The manufacturing process of this product is done in a very careful manner. In order to add a beautiful look to this product, it is further decorated.

krishnanagar clay dolls:

Krishnanagar Terracotta Dolls are hand-crafted terracotta dolls made in the city of Krishnanagar in West Bengal, India, by the Chatterjee family. This craft is believed to have originated in the 14th century. The company has been manufacturing Terracotta dolls since the year of 1827. The decoration of these Terracotta dolls is done using various colors like red, white, pink, orange, etc. These terracotta dolls are made up of pure terracotta clay that offers excellent results. The main purpose of these Terracotta dolls is to decorate the house, gardens, temples, etc. These Terracotta dolls are also considered to be the best gifting option for your loved ones.

Clay is an eco-friendly and biodegradable material. This characteristic of clay makes it a very efficient material that can be used for making various products like handis, cosmetics, etc. These products can be purchased from our site which offers them at comparatively cheaper prices and keeps them completely organic.