dhokra art west bengal

Dhokra art west Bengal:

We are the Dhokra artists, we are crafting Dhokra products for more than 40 years. We are committed to continuing our legacy of excellent craftsmanship.

Dhokra art, which is a traditional handicraft of Bengal is now made available online. The product is a must to buy for those who like to collect arts.

You can buy Dhokra art in West Bengal online from the Indian Art Store. The Dhokra art online can be customized as per your choice of design and size. The Dhokra art online is available in bronze and brass.

Dhokra is a unique art form of India practiced in the artisanal homes of the Santhal tribes of Jharkhand and West Bengal. It is traditionally used as a medium of decorating almost all items used in a household.

You’ll love this dhokra art online. This handmade dhokra art is a fantastic example of a traditional form of art from India. The dhokra art is a unique piece of Indian handicraft. This dhokra art is a beautiful brass statue that will decorate any home or office space.

Dhokra art originated in the Indian subcontinent with the Dhokra community of eastern India, who are traditional metal casters. Dhokra art online is one of the most ancient metal casting techniques in the world. It is very popular in West Bengal. The Dhokra metal casters are also known as Kansari.

Dhokra is a traditional art form of casting metal using the lost wax technique. Castings are made from a wax model which is burnt out and the metal poured in. The technique is derived from ancient Indian practice.

This Dhokra art West Bengal depicts the social life of mankind through the art motifs. Dhokra artists are able to express their deep emotions to the art viewer by using Dhokra art.

Dhokra art online has its origins in the tribal art of India. Dhokra artists create sculptures in the shape of idols, utensils, bangles, bells, lamps, etc. Dhokra is also used to create accessories in the form of jewellery for women in the traditional Indian way.

Dhokra, a form of casting in metal, is a traditional art form that is simple but requires a great deal of patience and skill. The product of this art is in great demand in the domestic and foreign markets because of its primitive simplicity, enchanting folk motifs, and forceful forms.

Dhokra is an ancient Indian art form of clay casting in which items are made using the lost wax process. Carved with intricate designs, this dhokra art is made by artisans in the small village of Garhwa in Jharkhand. The artist’s work with clay and fire to create items such as pitchers, figurines and lamps.