Green Amethyst benefits

Green Amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone from Quartz mineral family. According to Vedic Astrology, Green Amethyst gemstone is also known as Jamunia. It is a transparent gemstone which is generally of light green colour. But the color of the stone can vary. They can have the variety of range from a leafy green to a yellow green in colour. A green amethyst benefits the wearer with the gain of spirituality, serenity, communication skills, self-esteem and a healthy body. It can bring stability in your physical as well as mental balance.

Green Amethyst is the gemstone of our metaphysical world. Therefore, the planet has a close relation with the elements of earth and therefore, it creates a beautiful bonding with the positive energies lie in the cosmos. It can remove the negative energies in your heart as well as mind and thus will help you to have strong and loving relationships. It will encourage you to take action accordingly, to take a firm stand to make a decision especially on your romantic affairs.

There is a presence of soft green hue in the Green Amethyst gemstone and that makes our Vedic astrologers to connect this gemstone with the planet Mercury. So, the most important of green amethyst benefits is that it removes the malefic effects of Mercury and reinstates the positivity in the horoscope in your chart.

According to our Indian or Vedic astrology, the planet Mercury represents our intellect and communication skills. So, wearing a green amethyst benefits the people with the problem of low self-confidence, lack of concentration and disorders related to speech. You will be able to make strong connections with the people around you.

Green Amethyst benefits the wearer with its healing properties. But the most surprising fact is that this gemstone is believed to have no negative effects on the wearer. Therefore, one can wear a pure and natural green amethyst without any hesitation to lead a stress-free life.

Green Amethyst is one of those stones who have an outstanding healing power to calm and protect your mind. As, Amethyst is very powerful and protective, it acts as the amplifier to your energy. Green amethyst is strongly recommended by several astrologers for the emotional healing of the native.

It is believed that wearing this Green Amethyst benefits the individual to overcome the challenges and difficulties in life. It also encourages the practice of meditation, through which, in spite of all the ups and downs, you will find a positive attitude toward life.

Nowadays, we all are in a rat race to reach the highest peak of success in life. Naturally, there are a lot of stress, anxiety, dissatisfaction and fickleness which occupy most of our life. Green Amethyst benefits can be very effective in eliminating impatience and reducing stress, anxiety, fear, grief and many such problems that haunt your mind.

Green Amethyst benefits the native with self-confidence. With the bliss of this gemstone, you will be able to make any decision without any confusion. Green Amethyst benefits can encourage the spiritual wisdom and attract positive energies. Green Amethyst benefits have a great effect to bridge a profound connection with the higher self. A Green Amethyst benefits can also accelerate your intuitive capabilities.

A Green Amethyst benefits in strengthening your immune system. It also reduces pain and makes the body able to fight against Cancer. Green Amethyst can ease the headaches and release tension. This stone can also heal the problems related to heart and lungs.

The remedies by Green Amethyst benefits are greatly beneficial in treating severe disorders like tumors, ulcers, growths and blockages as well. The presence of the vulnerable planet Mercury in the horoscope in your chart indicates health problems related to coronary, heart, skin and blood.

Therefore, wearing a Green Amethyst benefits in strengthening the planet Mercury and thereby benefits individuals suffering from infections in skin and blood or the diseases related to immunity.

In a word, we can say that the green amethyst is a stone of wealth, prosperity, fortune and can bring abundance in your life. With the help of Green Amethyst benefits, you will be able to make out new opportunities of income.

It will remove all the obstacles so that you can think creatively and generate new innovative ideas. It will also help you in achieving your goals and amplify the continuous flow of energy to retain good fortune.

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