The Janmashtami festival is celebrated all over the country to rejoice the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. It is one of the most important festivals in India. Lord Krishna was one of the eight avatars of Lord Vishnu who was born to kill Kansa, an evil ruler. Krishna was brought up by his foster parents in Yashoda. To celebrate this day, devotees decorate Krishna’s idol with clothes and ornaments and worship him. It’s also an occasion to dress up and prepare delicious sweet recipes at home. Kids are usually dressed up with Lord Krishan’s costume. Kids look adorable in this outfit. If you’re planning to dress up your little one in a Krishna’s dress, you can do so by shopping online. Online stores have Krishna’s dresses in different colors, designs, materials and sizes, so you can pick one according to your preferences. You can also buy Krishan’s accessories including malas, mukuts and flutes. With online shopping, you can buy kids dresses and accessories from the comfort of your home.