We believe that terracotta clay has a unique character and can give a natural look to your home. Our terracotta plant pots can enhance the beauty of any traditional or contemporary decor.

Each plant pot is made of a different material, and therefore has a different feel to it. The metal ones are sturdy, and can withstand quite a lot of weight, while the bamboo ones are more elegant and fragile. To use this as a hanging flower pot, all you have to do is to stick a wooden or bamboo stick into the hole, cut the excess off, and place the plant pot over it.

Use the plant pot to bring a pop of color to your home’s decor. Not only will you bring a little color to your home’s decor, but you will be using a colander in a way that most people would not have thought of.

To use the plant pot, simply get a colander and fill it with potting soil. Once the soil is in the colander, put your plants in it and hang the colander from the ceiling or a nail on the wall. If you do not want to hang the colander, it can be placed on a table or the ground.