Room wall tiles:

Terracotta room wall tiles have been around for centuries, but they are still as popular as ever. This is because terracotta is one of the most versatile and beautiful finishes available. Not only are terracotta tiles a great choice for the bathroom or kitchen, they can also be used in the hallway and living room to add a classic touch to your home. A terracotta tile wall adds style and character to any room in your home. It is also an investment that requires very little maintenance, and it can add value to your property. If you are bored with traditional decor, a terracotta tile wall will add a touch of the exotic to your home.

Our unique handmade terracotta art works is a traditional piece that can be used to beautify the walls of your home. The wall art pieces are available in various colors and designs. The Natural Flow Wall Tiles are an amazing fusion of contemporary design and natural art that can be used to give your home walls a facelift. These wall tiles provide a refreshing change from the commonplace and a unique alternative to the standard wall papers.

Tiles for room wall:

A terracotta wall tile is a part of the interior of the house and can be a focal point of the house as a whole, especially if the walls are of light colors. The design of the terracotta wall tiles can set the mood of the whole house. The wall tiles can be decorated in different ways. You can leave the walls in plain design or paint it with different artistic designs.

Terracotta tile is an earthy, natural material that adds beauty and character to any room. At Panchvaati, we manufacture our own terracotta tiles from the finest clay available, which allows us to produce an absolutely unique product.

Drawing room wall tiles:

These terracotta Drawing Room Wall Tiles are made of clay and are available in different sizes. The tiles can be used to create a beautiful and elegant wall pattern. They are easy to clean and maintain and can be used for both internal and external walls. Tiles are among the most common and durable materials used for floor and wall coverings; they are available in a wide variety of colors and designs and are suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

Tiles on wall:

The task of choosing decorative tiles on wall for your home or office is an often daunting one, but fret not, as panchvaati is here to help you! You can browse our vast range of wall stickers, stones and murals to add a little pizzazz to your walls in just a few clicks. Terracotta tiles wall are available in various designs and colors for walls. These stone wall tiles have no shine and are more or less rough and chipped. They are used to decorate interior walls of homes, hotels, and restaurants.

Tiles for pooja room:

The pooja room is an integral part of most Indian homes, and so too are its accessories. You can create a luxurious pooja room by decorating the floors, walls, ceilings and especially the altar with beautiful terracotta tiles. The tiles used in pooja room are made out of terracotta. Terracotta is also called red soil or clay.

Wall tiles texture:

These Terracotta inspired wall tiles texture are handmade in India, where they are molded by hand into your desired pattern. Featuring a clean and timeless design, this tile will last for an entire lifetime.