Teapots are ceramic containers designed to hold and brew tea. The word teapot is first recorded in the 15th century.

Designed by Panchvaati.com, this tea pot is handcrafted in ceramic clay. The teapot is handcrafted in the traditional way using locally available raw materials and tools. The clay used is a special iron rich chuna clay which is found in abundance on the banks of the holy river Ganges in India. The potter who makes this tea pot is an expert in making these locally available clay into beautiful pieces of art. This tea pot has a beautiful design and is made from clay which is the natural choice for any tea drinker. This pot is handmade and is thus a product of the traditional Indian terracotta clay industry.

Our handcrafted products are made using terracotta clay and other such material which makes it even more distinguished from other products.

Shop from our extensive range of Indian tea pots made from terracotta clay. These are handcrafted and are available in a variety of colors.

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