terracotta outdoor tiles

Terracotta outdoor tiles:

Our terracotta outdoor tiles pavers are made from natural clay, shaped by hand, fired in an oven, and finally glazed to protect the tiles from the elements. They’re perfect for outdoor areas such as patios, fire pits, and poolside areas.

Whether you’re looking to renew your house’s exterior or just want to give your current tiles a new lease on life, outdoor tiles are a smart choice. Depending on the density of the clay and how it’s fired, many terracotta tiles are suitable for use outdoors, and some are frost-resistant. They make a stylish surface around a pool, to cover garden steps, or surface walls and raised planters.

Terracotta outdoor tiles come in two parts: the base and the top. The base, which is the darker section of the tile, is made from terracotta and gives the tile its unique look. The top layer, known as the glaze, comes in a variety of colors and patterns and is applied to the base.

The polished yet rustic look of terracotta tiles is ideal for creating a warm, welcoming effect in your garden. While terracotta tiles are suitable for use in most outdoor areas, including in direct contact with soil, they are relatively soft in nature, so they’re not ideal for areas in which they’re subject to high traffic.

Bring the look of terra cotta to the outdoors with our terracotta tiles for paving, walling and garden features. They can be used on floors, walls, paths, retaining walls and planters, and are suitable for use in most situations.

This terracotta tile is ideal for outdoor use. It’s crafted from clay that’s fired to create a solid, durable tile that’s suitable for outdoor use.