Terracotta pots are handmade in India from the terracotta clay. These pots are made from very fine clay which is then fired in batches, painted and decorated by skilled craftsman. The pots are then left to dry in the sun and the wind.

The terracotta pots are hand painted by our artisans, the design is unique and can’t be found anywhere else. The color is mixed by hand and then painted onto the pot. This makes each pot a one-of-a-kind piece.

Terracotta clay urns vases, pots and pots. Handmade artisanal clay products, have a unique design for terracotta. These terracotta products are made by traditional artisanal methods to make the product look unique.

If you are going to use our terracotta pots for container gardening, it’s important to choose terracotta containers that are appropriate for your plants. Each of our terracotta pots comes with specific instructions for the plants that it is best suited for. If you are going to plant a cactus in your pot, make sure that the terracotta pot will be able to handle the potting soil and fertilizer.

When you want to manage the water in your terracotta pots, consider using a terracotta saucer. The saucer is usually the same shape as the plant pot, but is bigger and includes a hole in the middle. When the water in your terracotta pot begins to evaporate, you can simply pour the excess water into the saucer.