Nowadays, the field of terracotta products online has become vast. The very name ‘Terracotta’ is used usually to define both native and exotic sculptures which are made of clay or you can say burnt clay. The Terracotta technique is also used to form many unique creations of Terracotta crafts for various useful purposes in daily life like vessels, flower pots, bricks and even the surface add-ons in buildings. You will find many of such kinds if you are searching for terracotta products online. In the Italian language, the word ‘Terracotta’ means ‘baked earth’. It is generally that type of earthenware which is found either in the form of unglazed clay or in a glazed form of ceramic.

Terracotta artefacts have been in existence for a very long period. Actually, it is believed to be the only clay product available in those ages which continued until the fourteenth century. Historians and archaeologists have found many such Terracotta artefacts or sculptures, which are almost or more than five thousand years old.

The potters have to collect the appropriately refined quality of clay at first to make the Terracotta crafts flawless though every handmade especially the terracotta product has its own unique flaw which makes it distinct. It’s very important to bring the desired shape in every Terracotta craft.

When the clay becomes fully dried, it is placed in a furnace or on the top of some certain flammable materials which are placed in a pit. It is then fired. During this process, the temperature of the fire should be around 1,000 °C. In that particular temperature, the iron makes a reaction with oxygen.

As a result, the burnt body becomes hard and steady and takes a reddish color. If you want to have terracotta products online, just have a look into our store and check the inventory. Here, you will find Terracotta crafts or pottery that are used as garden pots or for many other decorative purposes on many occasions.

We have many other terracotta articles like oil lamps, ovens, utensils etc. Our artists have beautifully used this unique terracotta technique and made each and every product a graceful one.

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