terracotta square pots

Terracotta square pots:

A perfect and natural accent for your outdoor and indoor living spaces! These terracotta square pots will last for years outdoors and can be used in a variety of areas such as patios, decks, sidewalks and flower beds.

These terracotta square pots are a great choice for indoor and outdoor use. With a square shape, they have 22% less runoff than round pots, so there is less water, fertilizer and money wasted.  Another benefit of square pots is that they have a longer life cycle than round pots, so they help you cut down on the cost of wasted plants.

 Square pots also have 8% more soil capacity than round pots, which means you use less soil when planting.  Square pots are a great choice for indoor and outdoor use.

Terracotta square pots are an excellent way to save money on water and fertilizer. The shape of the pots allows water to drip off, reducing runoff and conserving water. The shape of the pots also prevents plant waste from building up in the soil. The correct amount of soil is held by the pot, meaning your plants will last longer and you will save money.

This pot has a charming rustic look which is handcrafted and finished.  Made of terracotta, this pot is durable and water-resistant.  It can be used for plants, flowers, and even for serving food.  

Terracotta pots are known for their durability and versatility.  It does not allow the nutrients to leach, which helps flowers grow longer.  The terracotta is fired at very high temperatures so it is unglazed and uncolored.  This helps the soil keep its natural moisture and nutrients.

This set of terracotta pots comes in a classic rectangular shape that offers a sleek, traditional appearance for potted plants in the garden. The airtight terracotta blend is also ideal for indoor plants, since it provides an ideal environment for roots to thrive in any season.