Terracotta water bottle:

The terracotta water bottle lets you enjoy water in a whole new way with the benefits of terracotta.  The terracotta water bottle is easy to use, just add water and shake.  It has a clay activated filter that allows minerals in the clay to mix with the water.  

The water then becomes naturally refreshed with a subtle taste of clay.  Simply rinse the bottle under running water to clean.  The terracotta water bottle is made from natural clay with a plastic cap.  It has a push button straw so it is easy to drink from.  The cap is also made of plastic.

Sun is the best sterilizer, which is why it is the most preferred method in the world to sanitize our drinking ware. A terracotta bottle is used in ancient times, in ancient India till date it is used in every household to store water.

The terracotta bottle is filled with water and left in the sun. By the end of the day, the water gets cooled, even in the hottest weather. This is the way the terracotta bottles are sanitized.

Terracotta is an excellent material for storing water, as it is porous and it absorbs the water. This porous characteristic of the clay is the reason why it remains cool for a longer time.

Our terracotta bottle uses a proprietary formula to create drinking water with a crisp and refreshing taste and a natural, soft finish. This is a 100% natural water bottle that is made with a unique blend of organic earthen clay.

The clay is sourced from a region in India known for its fine clay products. The water is purified with natural purifiers and then filtered through the clay.