unglazed terracotta pots

Unglazed terracotta pots:

Terracotta pots are used around the world for sub-surface irrigation of plants. They are stockpiled full of water and buried in the ground. The top of the olla, which is open to the atmosphere, allows water to evaporate so that the plant roots are never overwatered. Ollas are used to water plants year-round. The use of ollas has many advantages over other irrigation systems. Their use does not require a pump, pressure tank, or electricity, which makes them easy to use, maintain, and repair. They are also an excellent choice for areas where water is scarce or rainfall is unreliable. The clay ollas are made by hand from natural clay. They are stored, filled with water, and buried.

This terracotta pot is great for growing herbs, succulents, cacti, vegetables, flowers, and more! When placed in the ground, the weighted bottom will help prevent the pot from tipping over. The top opening of the pot is covered with a metal screen to prevent soil from washing out, and the bottom has a drainage hole.

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Our terracotta plant pots are made from unglazed terracotta and are widely used for hanging or potted plants.  The terracotta dries slowly in the sun,  leaving a rough patina  that is  weatherproof  and suited  to plants  that need  moist  conditions  such as  orchids,  or  succulents.  The  terracotta pots  can be  arranged  in large  expanses  or  a line  of  Its form is meant to hold water.

Unglazed terracotta pots shape is meant to be buried in the ground. Its finished surface is meant to provide a home for a variety of flora found in a garden or backyard. Its opening is meant to be filled with water. Its purpose is meant to be the source of moisture for a wide array of plants.

These terracotta pots are unglazed and without rubber ring, so they can be used in the ground to water plants and flowers. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be painted or personalized.