This designer, handmade, hand painted art glass vase showcases a beautifully decorative design with a sleek, modern feel. It features a unique handmade recycled designer glass base that is perfect for a variety of home decor and floral projects. It is made with recycled glass, and is designed for use with fresh or silk flowers. This vase is perfect for home decor, photo props, and wedding décor.

A vase is a glass or ceramic container that is used to hold cut flowers. Vases are often used to display flowers on tables, mantels, shelves, etc. Vases come in all sizes, shapes and colors.
A flower vase is an open container used in the field of flower arranging to hold cut flowers. The purpose of the vase is to ensure that the flowers last longer and remain fresh.
The Panache vase stands out as a perfect example of modern glass art. The translucent design with a hint of gold is bound to step up the look of any room that it is placed in. The vase features a simple cylindrical design that makes it versatile enough to be a focal point in any room.