Wall décor wooden:

This wall decor wooden hanger that is designed with a wooden and terracotta base and a beautiful painting on the wall mount. The wooden and terracotta base has a sturdy construction that can easily hold keys of various sizes easily. The wall decor wooden design is simple and contemporary with a neutral tone that blends well with most home decors.

Wall decor wooden is a great addition to your home. It helps you keep your keys together, organized and handy. This wall decor is made up of iron and has a very contemporary design which can easily blend with your interior. This wall decor wooden is durable and is long lasting.

Wooden décor wall:

You can put this wooden decor wall anywhere in and around your home.  It will be ideal if you put it on the wall in your entrance.  It can be a great decorative piece in your dining room as well.  Our wooden decor wall is made out of a sturdy material so it can hold heavy things and not give in to the weight.  It will remain in its original form no matter how many times you open and close it.

The wooden décor wall is a great way to organize your office or home. Our wooden decor wall frame is made of good quality material to ensure it lasts a long time. The key frame is easy to use and a great wall decoration.